How to apply myIOU?

Steps 1 – How to Register myIOU​

Firstly download myIOU app on your phone

Android Play Store:

Google play

iOS App Store: 

Steps 2 – After E-KYC verify succeeded & please update debit or credit card details, you’ll get RM1000 or RM3000 credit limit instantly in your account. 

Steps 3 – How to Increase Credit Limit with myIOU Credit+, watch the video shown as below (submit your bank statement & utility bill).  Please make sure increase your credit limit to RM3500 then only can go for next step.

Steps 4 – Please click the button Join Merchant+ and scan this QR Code as below. You’ll get extra RM10,000 credit limit (This credit limit only can use for Evo Educations Sdn Bhd product) 

new myiou code

Steps 5 – Please make sure your debit or credit card have 30% of RM5000 = RM1500 credit limit, it will auto charge your account instanly for the first payment.

1st month charge = RM1500

2nd month charge = RM700

3rd month charge = RM700

4th month charge = RM700

5th month charge = RM700

6th month charge = RM700

Total payment for 6 month = RM5000 with 0% interest

 Steps 6 – Once you ready, please click purchase courses under Evo Education Sdn Bhd, this credit limit RM10,000 only for one time use.